El Ayudante

Jackson, TN - 38308

(615) 791-9379

Christian humanitarian organization based in Len, Nicaragua, dedicated to partnering with the Nicaraguan people to transform the nationone child, one family, and one community at a time.

Since 2001, El Ayudante has pursued this goal through a two-pronged strategy.

First,  offer supportive care for thirty-four children and their families through our Hogar Christiano Nicaraguense (HCN) or Nicaraguan Christian Home.

HCN partners with each child and their family to improve quality of life and to work toward opportunities to rise above material poverty toward holistic health. They strive daily to work with each child and family in the program in the areas of spiritual nurturing, housing, proper medical care, nutrition, service and excellence in education.

Second, we host approximately 20-30 short-term ministry teams each year from the states to work with local Nicaraguan community leaders toward bringing tangible and holistic change in peoples lives in the areas of spirituality, education, medicine, construction, and training. Teams are provided with an itinerary, meals, translators, and transportation.

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