South Carolina Waterfowl Association

Pinewood, SC - 29125


The South Carolina Waterfowl Association exists to work toward the conservation of South Carolina's waterfowl and wetland resources. SCWA exists to preserve and pass on North America's wildfowling heritage. SCWA exists to provide waterfowl other wildlife and natural resource conservation education to both youth and adults. SCWA defines conservation as "The wise management and use of our natural resources to provide maximun sustainable benefits from these resources to future generations of mankind". SCWA exists to promote ethical and conservation based sport hunting and fishing as an integral component of these natural resources. SCWA is working to preserve and enhance the quality of life provided for mankind through the use and enjoyment of waterfowl and other wildlife resources. SCWA is working to serve its stakeholders and our wildlife resources. SCWA strives to provide a stimulating and rewarding work place for wildlife biologists

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