Lazarre Foundation for the Young Performer Inc

Wellington, FL - 33414

(561) 792-1335

The purposes for which this organization was created are: a) To promote and to encorage the young artist to progress in music and fine arts b) To give the young musicians the habit and the experience of performing in publicand on the screen. c) To provide therapeutic entertainment for the community at large and for the older population confined in hospital and nursing home D) To raise funds to save the arts and music schools,to give scholarships e) To encourage young children in general to major in the fine arts. f) To foster schools to incorporate music programs in their curriculum,because it enhances and promotes great scores academically etc. Our first audition for television programming will be held at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts on the 5th of Feb. 2006. Please call for more information: (561) 228-1956 or (561) 792-1335 or visit our web site at: The deadline for registration for the audition is January 15 2006. Please plan to arrive early. Each applicant will have 10 minutes to perform.

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