Joyful Simplicity of South Florida

Lake Worth, FL -

(877) 804-8395

secular organization dedicated to improving the quality of people's lives in the South Florida Area. It was created by Dr. Adam Epstein a Palm Beach Psychologist. People who simplify their lives and change their priorities are less "stressed out" and ultimately happier individuals. Simplifying includes: (1) Spending less money on unnecessary goods and services and reducing debt (2) Eating a Healthier Diet and Exercising more often (3) Eliminating excess possessions and activities that produce physical and mental clutter (4) Spending more time doing the things you enjoy and that will bring you true happiness (5) Working at something meaningful and satisfying (6) Living in ways that preserve the earth's resources and help you enjoy the earth's natural beauty ---------------------------------------- Joyful Simplicity helps you achieve these goals by: 1) Providing helpful information on the web site 2) Providing Free bi-weekly group meeings for individuals who embrace the goals of "Joyful Simplicity" and wish to meet others of like mind.

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