The Youth Ranch & Const. Trade School

Phoenix, AZ - 85032

(602) 493-0738

We will be taking juvenile offenders that have been through the system and have finally been kicked out because they have been too much trouble. We will accept children ages 13 through 17. These children will be guided back in the right direction through discipline love and skills training by dedicated people who have walked a mile in their shoes. They will learn to respect themselves and others. They will finish their education and leave our ranch with the physical and emotional skills to enter the adult world. They will have the tools to become successful members of society.Cal Farley's boys ranch was were i was rased. I was the boy that walked with mr. Farley. I want to keep his work going.We can do it with God's and Your help. There will also be a construction school located beside each youth ranch to not only serve the kids from the ranch

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