Christian Women United for Christ International

Indianapolis, IN - 46208

(317) 400-1912

Christian Women United for Christ International Outreach is the Evangelistic Ministry of The Jesus Center for Deliverance and Healing Cathedral formed in Anaheim California in 2002 by Dr. Elizabeth E. Barkley.

This is a Ministry that operates according to the Apostolic Values Charisms of Christianity founded in the Lord Jesus - The Christ of Humanity. The former of this organization is a Christian Catholic. The Deep values of Conservative Catholic Perspectives and Values shape the behaviors and actions of the Visionary and those who desire to support the network of Christ. All Acts of this organization are based on Religious Liberty values of The United States Found in the Constitution and Bylaws of America Amendment 1 Freedom of Speech and Religion. There are also Multiple Scriptural references that come from The Holy Christian Bible as the source of our Religious Laws, Doctrines of Jesus Christ, and Decalogues of expectation from the Heavenly Father. As servants carrying out our values, we believe in helping others receive their Full Sacramental Graces which we believe leads to lives being appropriately treated, rehabilitated, and revived back to their destiny after the experience of trauma, crisis, unexpected incidents in living, social mistakes, national core governmental problems.

As we believe and use the tools provided by Jesus Christ, we do believe and have many testimonial proofs of lives recovering. This provides great joy for us to serve others and expect the same proof in all lives.

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