Newplaywrights Foundation - VM Productions of California

Santa Monica, CA - 90406

(310) 393-3682

New Playwrights Foundation, founded in 1919 (, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization not associated with any other company. 

New Playwrights Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable, 501(c)3 corporation originally formed in 1969 to "aid, nurture, and develop lesser-known local writers, to help them disseminate their works and establish their careers."

From the earliest days of its existence, NPF has helped nascent playwrights, screenwriters, actors, producers and directors sharpen their skills and better realize their potential professional goals through an ongoing writers workshop and other means.

NPF has also been able to aid playwrights and writers for other media to procure production funds and services via donations, and by serving as an umbrella organization for new and unestablished theater, video and film artists seeking grants for specific projects.

We welcome opportunities for outreach. For example, we invited high school students to intern on the set of one of our feature film productions, and we participated in a play reading and discussion at a high school in South Central Los Angeles.

In October, 2000, NPF commemorated its first 30 years with a two-day retrospective presentation held at Santa Monica Public Library Auditorium. The program showcased scenes from plays and musicals by current NPF members, and clips from films written by members and, in many cases, co-produced by NPF during the past three decades.

The writers workshop meets alternate Thursday nights in the Santa Monica area. Visitors are welcome to attend, and may submit their work for review after participating in at least three regular meetings and making a $25.00 annual donation. For the date and location of the next workshop session, and information on screenings, premieres, and other events, call (310) 393-3682.

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