Parish Ballet Company

Rayville, LA - 71269

(318) 477-1206

Parish Ballet Company is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to nurturing the dance community by providing professional level dance training and added performance opportunities for all of area dancers.

Parish Ballet Company operates for artistic training and educational purposes.

The motive of Parish Ballet is to promote the study, preservation, and enjoyment of classical, traditional, and historical dance and musical pieces; as well as promoting the study and exploration of new emerging innovative dance and musical ideals.

They strive to build well-rounded dance artist while also instilling a passion for movement, self confidence, discipline, and an overall respect for the performing arts, fully advocate the study of Classical Ballet being the foundation to instill true awareness for all other techniques and genres, will develop well-prepared dancers should they choose to pursue the arts professionally, collegiality, or recreational.

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