2nd Voice Inc

New Orleans, LA - 70115

(504) 641-6708

2nd Voice, Inc. is a non-profit healthcare proxy company dedicated to helping those in medical need wade through the challenging healthcare system.

We provide medical education services to the public at large including:

How to prepare for a hospital stay and what to be aware of while in the hospital

How to prevent misdiagnosis and what to do if you feel you have been misdiagnosed

Strategies to get your medical personnel to communicate with you more effectively

Understanding prescription drug conflicts

Understanding the signs of depression and the benefits of positive thinking

Signs and symptoms of addiction and many others But 2nd Voice does more than just educational seminars, we also provide health support to residents via referrals and direct support. We partner with other organizations when necessary, to ensure a patient and/or the patient’s family receives the help they need. All our services are geared to help the patient and/or the patient’s family be prepared for all life events regarding their health. We encourage dialogue with the medical field so that the patient is able to make the best decisions for themselves.

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