Experience Hope

Lawrence, KS - 66044

(785) 393-4731

Experience Hope Inc. sends awareness and to assist the community at large in meeting the needs of those less fortunate providing shelter, food, and other items for the welfare of the family or person/s.

The goal of Experience Hope is to eventually have a home for homeless families with children.

Resale store, Food store to assist the need for family nutrients and our largest goal is to have a facility that will house apartments, a Dining room, a Food store, a meeting room, offices.

Mission statement

From the website:

The mission of Experience Hope is to alleviate the hardship and suffering of homelessness by providing, comprehensive services, and programs that provide a path to a positive future for people experiencing homelessness and are at risk for homelessness. Our referral services will attempt to establish housing or shelter upon request. Referral services will place families first then couples and individuals as when there is availability at local shelters.

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