Genesis Community Health

Garden City, ID - 83714

(208) 854-3935

PURPOSE The purpose of the Clinic is to provide charity medical, dental, and mental health services to those who are economically disadvantaged and without health insurance in the Treasure Valley and that the love of Jesus Christ be expressed in a tangible way.

CLINIC SERVICES Medical Chronic care (diabetes, hypertension, asthma, etc.) Short-term, non-emergency illnesses Medication Assistance Social services Dental Dental screening and hygiene Fillings, root canals, and extractions Dentures Mental Health Short term (4-12 weeks) counseling services Referrals for long term counseling if needed Prayer The Clinic DOES NOT provide Casting or cast removal Narcotics, controlled drugs and weight loss drugs Filling prescriptions from outside providers Prenatal or hospital care Minor/major surgeries Complicated mental health issues (i.e. bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.) FINANCIAL ELIGIBILITY Each patient is screened for eligibility at the clinic.

Patients must not exceed established income guidelines (see chart below). Primary Care Medical Services Patients can call 384-5200 during the week for an appointment.

Clinics are Tues & Thurs from 5-7 pm and Weds & Fri from 9 am—12 pm. Walk-in appointments are NOT made.

Follow-up medical exams are made by appointment as the schedule allows.

Basic Dental Services Dental services are only provided upon a physician’s referral for established medical patients of the following clinics: Garden City, Vineyard, Friendship, St. Al’s ER, St. Luke’s ER, Central District Health, and Family Medicine Health Center.

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