Take Her Back

San Francisco, CA - 94012

(650) 440-3835

Take Her Back’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for the rescue, rehabilitation, and repatriation of sex trafficking victims in India. Our goal is to make this an international issue and help scale the operations, mainly through an influx of capital. We are building technology to better collect information on violations and present to the public to drive investments in raids. All raids are performed with the participation of local law enforcement agencies.

Many wars exist in abstraction. This is not one of them. When a young girl is taken from her family and forced into prostitution, we Take Her Back. By conducting raid & rescue missions, we free underage sex slaves and take down the brothels that imprison them. At her core, every victim we save is loving, intelligent, and joyful. This is why our mission does not end with her rescue. Physically liberating her is just the first step. Our greater mission is to restore her stolen childhood. We are often called to act, but we are not always called to war. Will you fight for her?

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