Boost A Foster Family

Gilbert, AZ - 85234

(480) 298-5665

Our mission is to provide assistance for Arizona foster families and those seeking foster care licensure.

We buy needed items especially for kinship families like aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents like fire extinguishers, CO monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, child locks, pool shepherds hooks and more. We aim to remove financial hurdles to get kids out of shelters and into homes. If there is a financial roadblock we remove it. In order to get items, please have your licensing agent from ANY Arizona foster care licensing agent visit our website at to submit the request.

Boost a Foster Family was created to meet the needs of low income kinship families applying for foster care licensure. We receive referrals from licensing agencies that are working with families experiencing financial difficulties. We believe that by helping to provide in-kind donations, (such as fire extinguishers and other home safety items), we can remove some of the obstacles that slow down the licensing process.
Our hope is that our work will allow foster children to be placed with their family members in a timelier manner, avoiding lengthy stays in shelters and outside foster homes, and that these kinship families will fulfill their state requirements and be granted licenses quicker, thus allowing them to begin receiving much needed resources only available to licensed families.
Boost a Foster Family is funded entirely by donations and is an incorporated 501c3 Charity. We can receive your financial contributions by check, donate link, Paypal, or Venmo. We also provide links on our website to allow you to purchase various needed items directly on line. We are an all-volunteer staff and welcome you to join us in helping Arizona's most vulnerable children, by alleviating the obstacles standing in the way of their families.

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