Even the Field

Seal Beach, CA - 90740

(562) 936-8040

Every child no matter the economic level has a right to an effective teacher and equal access to a quality education.Even the Field is a newly created non- profit with a Mission to close the gap academically, athletically and art programs between the public and private schools in Orange Co. California.The Vision is to live in a world where educational opportunities are equal to all, no matter the income level.Obesity is a major problem with Americas youth. Investment in physical education/extra-curricular activities must be encouraged at all public schools, if those children are to compete with their private school counterparts, where extra-curricular activities are required by most private institutions.As academics is the main purpose of public education, some students may not have the aptitude/interest that many do. Even the Field would like to increase the funding for the mentoring/coaching of athletics/extra-curricular activities and art programs.These children can gain confidence and self-assurance and learn team work through athletics/arts, thus finding that an effort in academics is necessary to maintain eligibility in their extra- curricular activity. Mentoring/coaching stipends are well below the minimum wage level when you consider the hours they work. In most cases the private school programs are year around and so should be the public schools to Even the Field.We believe in Even the Field and your help is needed. This organization needs partners. If you have the same vision for public schools as we do, please send a donation, spread the word on social media outlets, volunteer (coach/mentor) at a public school.Let us know about inspirational coaches/mentors and schools that need this funding. Please send donations to above address. For more information about Even the Field please call, email or visit our web site

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