Madre Latina Inc

Waterbury, CT - 06705

(203) 232-7779

Madre Latina Inc.Is the Latino network, a nonprofit organization in Connecticut that encouraging Latinas to Rise to their Full Potential! Madre Latinas reside in Waterbury, Connecticut and created a platform where Latinas can learn, connect, be heard, grow, build a network and be motivated to Move forward!

Madre Latina Inc. was created to help Latinas banish insecurity and break barriers, we are a unique, personal and professional development network that educates, connect and empowers Latinas to rise to their full potential.From providing a forum where Latinas can connect with many resources in the city and surrounding towns, to offering strategies for personal and professional advancement in each meeting,

Madre Latina offers knowledge-based programs to help Latinas reach the highest levels of accomplishment and make an impact in their life, their families, organizations and communities. Dynamic Meetings that impact our PartakersWe bring together top industry thought leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and trained professionals, who provide insight, facilitate vigorous workshops and offer touching, relevant and impactful discussion on the prominent topics affecting Latinas. Our programs are held monthly, quarterly and yearly, in person and virtually, offering our community of professionals top leadership & development training and the opportunity to build Network for Latinas.

Madre Latina is providing a consistent programming via Multiple PlatformsWe equip Latinas with the robust tools necessary to take their careers, businesses and lives to the next level by delivering consistent programming, throughout the year, virtually and in person via a variety of platforms. This affords participants, sponsors and partners various opportunities for engagement and the benefit of complementing diversity initiatives, leadership training and professional development efforts.

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