Dogs Without Borders

Encino, CA - 91316

(323) 712-3860

I started out small... After seeing the horrific visions on TV of displaced dogs from Hurricane Katrina and heard some were being flown to rescues in Los Angeles, I felt compelled to do my part. With an active 2 year old, two dogs, cat, and a freelance job as a TV Set Decorator, I had a lot of my plate. Regardless, I was compelled to open my door to a dog in need. The rescues received an overwhelming response and I seemed to have missed the boat. Instead, I asked for any dog in need, no matter where it's from. Hello Pluto. This strange, quiet, unusual terrier mix showed up at my doorstep with a confident waddle. He instantly made friends with my dog Chet Barker. I have never seen Chet play with another dog. It was a match made in heaven. That's when I learned about the term "foster failure". It's when a foster parent fails to be a foster and ends up adopting instead. I wanted to know everything I could about my new adoptive dog's history. The local rescue put me in touch with another rescuer all the way in Taiwan. Pluto was from Taiwan??? The lady on the other end of the email thread explained that dogs in Taiwan were extremely mistreated, abused, tortured, and not to mention, eaten. She sent me horrific photos and stories of dogs she has personally helped and asked me to find them local homes in the states as Taiwanese residents don't adopt stray adult dogs, but only purchase purebreds from pet stores. I shared their plea with the local rescue who helped Pluto but they refused stating it was a one time rescue mission. I pleaded with other local rescues and received a similar response: "Why would you help dogs from Taiwan when there are so many dogs dying here?". I never knew the terrible homeless dog problem Los Angeles faced. This opened up a whole new world I never knew existed. Thousands of dogs being euthanized each years simply because of lack of space. From then on, I vouched to rescue dogs dogs from my own back yard while keeping the gate open for a few lucky dogs from overseas so they can also live the American Dream. After all, isn't that what America was founded upon? I went to the shelter and rescued a couple of dogs at a time, then 10, the 25

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