The Teachers' Closet Inc.

Oshkosh, WI - 54902

(920) 231-4730

The Oshkosh Teachers' Closet was created to support Teachers teaching in Non-profit schools who are struggling to supply their students with needed supplies because of budget restraints. We want to help provide them with anything they need to carry on their business in the classroom.

The Teachers' Closet has a two fold mission: to give teachers the supplies they need in their classrooms without having to buy them themselves. And to provide the supplies that children at risk need to be successful in the classroom.

These supplies are distributed through the child's teacher who knows who in the classroom needs the supplies.

We provide just about everything needed in a classroom as well as socks, mittens, hats, deodorant, etc. for children.

We reach students Pre-school through 12th grade in the Oshkosh Area. Any teacher who lives in the area and teaches at a not for profit school or who teaches at a not for profit school in the area can "shop" at The Teachers' Closet.

All materials are free of charge. 100% of monetary donations go to the mission.

There are no paid positions, the Closet is run totally by volunteers.

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