Quantum Worth Healing

Clackamas, OR - 97015

(503) 887-0345

As an organization, Quantum Worth Healing, is dedicated to changing the social consciousness from seeing the world and it’s inhabitants (people included) with inequality, from seeing profit, power, property as more valuable than life to seeing the world, it’s inhabitants, and all life as the most important consideration to humanity. We do our part in this important consciousness change by helping people heal and communicate through compassion, empathy, and love. We All Belong. We All are Worthy. We All need each other. Please accept our invitation and be part of this change… Quantum Worth Healing is a healing process utilizing energy flow, Quantum Worth principles (embracing self-worth, embracing the worth of others, embracing the worth of the whole), and Compassionate Communication (empathy, compassion, non-violent communication in communication with self and others).

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