Kentuck Museum Association, Inc.

Northport, - 35476

(205) 758-1257

Kentuck is a non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating the arts, engaging the community, and empowering the artist.

The Kentuck Museum of Art presents monthly exhibitions, showcasing the work of both established artists and of up-and-comers. Sometimes traditional, sometimes visionary, always authentic, Kentuck brings art to the community and builds community with art.

The Kentuck Festival, nationally recognized for its quality and diversity, celebrates a variety of artistic styles ranging from folk to contemporary arts as well as traditional crafts. Each of the 250+ artists participating in the Festival is either invited as a guest artist or is juried based on the quality and originality of their work. The guest artists are nationally recognized folk and visionary artists whose powerful visual images continue to capture national and international acclaim. Annie Tolliver Turner, Lonnie Holley, Butch Anthony and Charlie Lucas are among the self-taught artists Kentuck has been honored to showcase. The Kentuck Festival of the Arts takes place the third weekend in October every year.

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