Asian Pastors' Children's Fund of Dr. Ekvadee Piyasombatkul Sangrose Foundation

Nashville, TN - 37222

(615) 834-8704

We at APCF realizes that the pastor is the most important key to Church Growth in Asia. If a pastor's financial base is weak it is hard to make the churches strong; and it makes it difficult to prepare Asian Christians to bring the Gospel to the Asian nation of millions. Please visit Our web site for more info. Asian Pastors' Children's Fund is an inter-denominational outreach for evangelical church growth by providing educational scholarships to local needy pastors' children. Asian Pastors' Children's Fund help relieve some financial burdens from those pastoring on the front lines in Asia 100% of donations go to the children's school expenses unless otherwise designated by the donor. Donations are made directly to the child's school or to the family.

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