North Carolina Consumers Council Inc.

Chapel Hill, NC - 27612

(800) 887-5620

he original premise behind the North Carolina Consumers Council was that informed and educated consumers are the backbone of a strong economy. That premise still holds true nearly five decades later. To that end, our mission is the promotion of consumer awareness, consumer education, and consumer protection both within north carolina and beyond our state borders. We strive to spread knowledge to consumers, to open the minds of consumers, and to enable consumers everywhere to make the best of the resources and opportunities available to them. We believe in transparency and honesty in everything we do. We value our hard-earned reputation for providing unbiased helpful consumer advice and information. We especially value the trust the citizens of our state place in us to continue delivering this advice and information with the high standards we strive to maintain. We achieve our goals by working with the public and our many community partners and by actively involving our many valuable members.

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