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1. Work on spreading the word to others about ACFFP and what we as a group are trying to accomplish here. 2. Working on gathering all needed data information for each of the 50 states. 3. Determine the current status of autopsy photo laws in all 50 states and at the Federal Level. 4. Work state by state (and Federal) to change those laws once those states (or Federal) can be determined to need their individual laws changed. 5. Educate others as to how autopsy photos as "Open Public Records" are so easily available to the General Public and how this effects them as individuals and their families. 6. Work to get autopsy photos away from those that are in violation of current laws in their states. 7. Support families that have been violated or may be violated by those who have or will profit from access to these kinds of private documents. BACK TO ACFFP

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