National Network for Arab American Communities

Dearborn, MI - 48120

(313) 842-4756

The National Network for Arab-American Communities (NNAAC) is a national network of independent Arab-American community-based social service organizations. The Network's primary mission is the development of grassroots institutions that can meet the needs of and represent the concerns of Arab Americans at the local level and collectively raise these concerns on the national stage. The Network is a project of the Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services (ACCESS) and is housed at the National Outreach Department. The Network currently has 13 members in 8 states and has six major programs: • The Arab American Resource Corps (ARC) • Advocacy & Organizing • Collaborative for Arab American Philanthropy • Organizational Development Assistance • National Arab American Service Day • Annual Arab American Community Conference Vision The guiding philosophy of the Network is that if we want to create lasting community change; if we want Arab-American voices to be heard; if we want to promote economic empowerment and civil rights for Arab-Americans – and all Americans – then we need dynamic community based organizations. Through our commitment to financially strong and effectively managed community institutions the Network strives to mobilize locally to support a national agenda for empowering the Arab-American community.

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