Massachusetts Voter Internet Project

Boston, MA - 02133


MassVIP Massachusetts Voting Internet Project MassVIP is a non-profit non-partisan organization that seeks to increase civic participation through Internet Voting. MassVIP will achieve this in three ways  MassVIP will submit a non-binding Public Policy Advisory Question on the Massachusetts ballot in November 2000.  MassVIP will create a Internet Voting Task Force to study the implementation of Internet Voting in the State of Massachusetts. MassVIP will submit a recommendation to the State Legislature in January 2001.  MassVIP will lead the way to correct current barriers to Internet voting specifically addressing digital divide issues and Internet access to lower income and minority citizens. Advisory Question Shall the (senator or representative ) from this district be instructed to support a plan to explore the practically of introducing secure and secret voting via the Internet in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts? MassVIP recognizes Internet voting as a

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