Taunton River Watershed Alliance (Mass.)

Taunton, MA - 02780

(508) 828-1101

We are an Alliance of concerned residents, businesses, and organizations united to restore and properly manage water and related natural resources within the Taunton River Watershed. TRWA has worked since 1988 to protect the water and related natural resources within the Taunton River watershed in four ways: education, policy advocacy, citizen action, and water quality monitoring. Since our founding, we've sponsored many educational events and published informational newsletters and brochures, as well as a book about the Taunton River. We've introduced watershed residents to the natural wonders of the Taunton, its tributaries and its wildlife through canoe races, leisurely floats downstream, and walks along its banks. We continue to advocate for the river in the public policy arena - when and wherever it is threatened by water diversions, poorly planned development and increased pollution. We've mobilized residents to take action to protect and restore the river corridor through shoreline surveys and river cleanups. We continue with our River Action Focus Teams - flexible, user- friendly grassroots groups that allow people to use their skills, energy and interests to "do something real" to protect the Taunton River watershed.

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