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Future Foundation is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Plant and Animal Species,Human life and the technology and knowledge that supports our civilization . We believe there is an urgent need to protect these elements to ensure that they will be around to support the living system on which our future existance depends. There are many organizations in this country and abroad that take care of many very important needs in behalf of humanity.None of which will benefit either humanity or the living things that support our living system in the event of a major catastrophy such as an Comet,Asteroid or Meteor strike or a Nuetron bomb attack. We as wise and intelligent stewards have a God given responsability to protect and care for all the living things that make up the building blocks that form the living system that we are a part of. Our aim is to build under ground shelters to protect these valuable recources and to preserve them for future generations. If you would like to contribute to this most important work please feel free to contact me. Sincerly; Jim Bowman FutureFoundation

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