Tropical America Group

Florida City, FL - 33034


We are located in Florida City Florida.... on the edge of the Everglades ... southernmost town on Florida peninsula ..20 miles south of Miami .. 20 miles north of Key Largo ... A multi-service community based 501c group that was founded in the days after Hurricane Andrew wiped out our southernmost "tip of the peninsula" area of Florida USA in Aug 1992 ... since then we have been active in just about everything that deals with "community outreach" ...the economy is basically related to agri-interests with a lot of tourism thrown in (Everglades) ..... Florida City Homestead area is called the "winter vegetable capital of the US " ..tomatoes being the big crop ..we have lots of tropical fruit groves (avocados-mangos-) ... we also have a huge tropical plant nursery biz ... and a large Mexican- Guatemalan-Maya Native American Indian-Mistepec Native American Indian farmworker population who takes care of it all ... Tropical America is basically concerned with all aspects of Educational Outreach to our famrworker communities ... adult illiteracy ... ESL programs for K-12 and parents ...cultural awareness ... etc

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