Urban Scholars of Florida

Tampa, FL - 33620

(813) 974-9734

"Your ticket to College..." is our motto. This program has subsisted on donations and volunteers. We are a tutor program for at risk children from K-12. Our tutors are students and Faculty from the University system. We team teach in both small and large groups with High School Honor students and retired teachers on the University campus on Saturdays. Our Scholar teams go to after school programs with our partners. The schools who partner with us have solicited churches in their areas to bus students to the University for the Saturday program. Many of these churches have gone on to develop after school programs for the elementary aged students. The University has provided use of the Arts & Sciences building along with computer labs in the Social Sciences building. We address specific needs but we seem to have our greatest impact on standardized test preparation. This preparation is focused on FCAT PSAT

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