Noah's Wish

El Dorado Hills, CA - 95762

(718) 706-8890

The singular mission of Noah’s Wish is to save animals during disasters with our rescue and recovery services and to lessen the impact of disasters on animals through our educational outreach programs. Through our Volunteer In-Field Training Noah's Wish offers individuals a new way to help animals during disasters. This program is unique in that it is the only training that prepares volunteers to respond to disasters by setting up a simulated temporary shelter and providing them the opportunity to experience most aspects of an actual mobilization. Once volunteers complete the training they become a valuable resource to Noah's Wish making it possible for animals to receive all the services they so desperately need during disasters. In many cases the animals would not get the help they need if it weren't for the dedication of the Noah's Wish disaster response team. The training is packed with lots of detailed practical

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