Jesus Cares Ministries Arizona

Chandler, AZ - 85244

(602) 831-1737

Christian Materinity Home - Jesus Cares Ministries is in operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Jesus Cares Ministries has been helping people in crisis since 1980 and has been incorporated since 1983. For over thirty years, we provided a safe place for troubled teens, many of whom had been physically and sexually abused. We offered a live-in program, as well as counseling, referrals, and an outreach to family members of our residents. From 1997- 2008 Jesus Cares Ministries Men's Program serviced those struggling with homelessness due to the bondage of addiction cycles. We have witnessed firsthand how various unresolved abuse and trauma issues experienced in the past can significantly impact the future stability of individuals, therefore impacting the family dynamic.

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