TEACH Rwanda

Easton, PA - 18045

(484) 542-7442

TEACH Rwanda is a non-profit organization transforming early childhood teacher education in Rwanda.

We prepare Rwandan teachers to offer young children engaging, meaningful learning experiences.

TEACH Rwanda provides:

. pre-service and in-service professional development and resources,

· equips our Exemplary and Project Schools with creative, Rwanda-centric learning materials and furnishings,

· insists on just 20 children per classroom with two well-prepared teachers and 22 primary children with one teacher, all of whom implement modern teachingstrategies

· builds Rwandan early childhood leadership capacity.

We welcome partnerships with U.S. and Rwandan colleges and universities, other INGOs and NGOs, and Rwandan government officials. TEACH Rwanda is a U.S.-based NGO and an INGO in Rwanda.

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