International American Relief Society Iars

Lincoln, NE - 68503

(402) 671-5012

IARS is preeminent in serving in needed people by developing and running emergency programs which help people in disadvantaged situations to improve their lives, and achieve lasting victories over poverty in our community, and the world at large.

Assisting the community with disaster crisis relief and response, and preparedness efforts to help people prepare in advance of disasters to reduce the impact on vulnerable and underserved populations.

Our goals and Purposes in Nebraska:
*To assist all refugees or immigrants in Omaha and Lincoln with access to services and providers.
*To serve as a resource for agencies and groups to foster a greater understanding of the refugees and immigrants in Nebraska.
*To facilitate refugees 'or immigrants transition to life in the United States by helping them become self-sufficient and productive members of American society while maintaining their cultural and ethnic identities.
*To advocate for refugees' or immigrants needs and interests.
Our goals and Purposes in overseas
*To restore the dignity of victims of rape;
-*To train victims of rape who become single moms at the very early age;
Our goals and Purposes in overseas
*To work for the psychosocial reintegration of victims of rape and help victims of social stigmatization (abandoned children and others called witches) to overcome the traumas in which they live;
* To connect African children in need with potential helpers in America and everywhere in the world;
*To improve the well - being of these underprivileged children;
* To share experiences of American social workers with organizations providing support for the protection of the underprivileged children by putting them in contact.
General Information
Dedicated to Helping Poeple to Reach their Full Pontential.

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