Foster Friends Foundation

Merrillville, - 46410

(219) 743-1246

"We go homeless shelters/foster homes and referrals and ask the most disadvantage children to join us for a fun event to ease their distraught feelings of not having a home. We give them something to look forward to, making their living arrangements less discouraging and their stay at the shelter/homes more attractive. Achievement won't succeed when a child is vulnerable to depression, uncertainty and hopelessness".

There is no other non-profit organization like Foster Friends Foundation as we:
-Provide friendships for underprivileged youth, living destitute in shelters/foster care, neglected homes, emphasizing self esteem, eliminate loneliness, emulating a peer.
-We're not child care, nor a parent-to-child program, but a peer-to-peer mentoring & inspiring.
-Honor all confidentiality, never ask delicate questions and never discriminate!
-Never a fee for the parent or shelter. We cover all cost of our events and gatherings.

With our innovating approach of reaching our at risk youth there is no membership to maintain, no after school program for the shelter living child to be alienated. There is no large groups of youth present for potential bullying to occur, we tailor to each and every friendship on a one-on-one relationship. We motivate & reassure a child they are not at fault, not to feel ashamed, we build essential self-esteem.

If every child emulated and confided in a Foster Friend that child is less likely to act out in delinquent lifestyle, anger and resentment. Communities would be less aggressive if the cycle of violence was stopped in early childhood development. Foster Friends creates a postive chain reaction while providing essential human interaction as adolescence's ends and adulthood begins.

Foster Friends will make our future a happier, safer and more determined generation!

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