Jefferson County Literacy Council

Jefferson, WI - 53549

(920) 675-0500

The mission of the JCLC is to develop a better community through literacy. We offer English as a Second Language courses, classes in reading and writing, math tutoring, GED and HSED prep, civics instruction, and prep for the citizenship test. We also offer computer literacy classes, job skills and resume writing workshops and interview tips. We have a jail program, as well.

It is our vision to help learners defeat literacy challenges and overcome the barriers to becoming more literate, confident and engaged to the best of their ability in their homes, communities and places of work.

We believe:
◾Strong, viable communities are those comprised of people who are literate, have good communication skills, are adequately trained in employment skills, possess cross-cultural competency, and have an understanding of their community and its services. ◾Each individual holds responsibility for his or her learning. ◾Volunteerism is a core community value, and cost-effective, quality services can be provided through well-trained and supported volunteers.

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