Homestretch Inc.

Falls Church, VA - Virgi

(703) 237-2035

Homestretch is one of the few programs in the country with the comprehensive services to gather each family, address each dynamic, and enable permanent change. Homestretch families are able to achieve transformational change because they have, perhaps for the first time, the chance to address every problem in their lives with sufficient support to make swift and lasting progress. Because our expectations are high and we have such faith in what they can do, and because we remove all the reasons why they can’t, the families tend to make greater and more fundamental changes in their lives than they thought possible. Our program isn’t for everybody. It works best for people who really want to change their lives. But at Homestretch, we – the Homestretch staff – feel like we – our clients, our volunteers, our donors, our supporters – are all in it together, and we hope you feel that way, too. With your help, true progress becomes truly possible.

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