Greater Newark & Jersey City LISC

Newark, NJ - 07102

(973) 624-6676

973-624-0990 The Greater Newark & Jersey City LISC's mission is to assist Community Development Corporations (CDCs) in revitalizing their communities. Greater Newark & Jersey City LISC accomplishes this by providing direct technical assistance to CDCs through the advice and support of LISC staff; third party technical assistance from consultants; shepherding CDC projects through city and state governments' administrative and political structures; providing a template for the CDC development process; hearing the concerns of CDCs; helping CDCs articulate needs to public and private decision makers; creating opportunities for public and private sector lenders to support the work of CDCs. PROGRAM HISTORY The Newark LISC Program began in 1987 when 19 corporations and banks provided a total of $450,000 to a local fund that National LISC supplemented with a $350,000 contribution. Since its inception

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