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Neighborhood Enrichment Xchange

4206 Lyons Ave.
Houston, Texas 77020
Phone Number: 832-322-8428

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Neighborhood Enrichment Xchange (NEX) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit community development organization in Houston, Texas that provides mentoring, education and career development programs to low to moderate income families, children, young adults and at risk youth in under-privileged communities.

NEX, also providing assistants to senior citizen and handicap to access in resource to improve their quality of life.

The Organization operates in poverty stricken areas of the city where senior, families, young boys and girls have struggled at success in education, career acquisition and healthy life styles.

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The central purpose of NEX is defined as: Helping those in need of a way to a better quality of life, so that they may provide, grow and sustain the positive elements of the environment in which they live.
The challenge for children and youth in today's world is greater than ever. Young people have too few positive role models and far too many negative examples of masculinity. Gangs, drugs, internet pornography, and teen pregnancies compound this critical time in a young person's life. Too many good kids get caught up in a path they may not have chosen if they had someone or something to help see options, weigh consequences and make positive choices. Goal
The goal of this project is to develop youth in a positive atmosphere with strong mentors, positive role models, good structure, supportive guidance and resource to technology that will educate, promote and coach career development, leadership and positive behaviors.
Minority children, young adults and at risk youth in low income communities have the same abilities as many other youth in thriving communities in the city of Houston, but on the other hand they don't get the same resources and opportunities is displaying all of the information we have on this non profit: Neighborhood Enrichment Xchange. To update your listing click the update listing button above.
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